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taught by Leah Kearns
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Leah Kearns
Leah Kearns
Metaphysical Business Architect & Consultant

About the Instructor

Leah helps conscious business founders to create their highest potential business through their easiest soul, strategy and system pathways.

It allows you to experience the freedoms you seek in your lives and assists you in your desire to pioneer with your communities, by helping you experience the same - conscious leaders, connecting with conscious leaders and creating conscious communities.

Are you clear about how your vibe is effecting your business?

It's as unique as your definition of vibe is! Here's what you have told me about your vibe is this week: Authenticity, energy, you, passion, unique, truth, heart, mojo, personality.

How vibrant is your vibe right now? Are you really being and showing up as these things when you make, create, sell, offer, connect, promote, or have a client session?

If you have a desire to help people with your business but feel your effort is not showing you results then this practice is for you.

In this webinar, I'm chatting about the new paradigm of business; it’s already here!

Come and join me to find out all about using your vibe in business.

Course Contents

1 Video
3 Texts