Get Ready to Leverage: Your Biz Model

Leverage your biz model with your intuition + systems + strategy | taught by Leah Kearns
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Leah Kearns
Leah Kearns
Metaphysical Business Architect & Consultant

About the Instructor

Leah helps conscious business founders to create their highest potential business through their easiest soul, strategy and system pathways.

It allows you to experience the freedoms you seek in your lives and assists you in your desire to pioneer with your communities, by helping you experience the same - conscious leaders, connecting with conscious leaders and creating conscious communities.

Loving your time off? But love what you do too!?

Don't want to feel torn spending time on your biz, your family and your clients in 2017?

Leverage your biz with your intuition + systems + strategy.

Leverage is all about convenience, abundance and growth with ease and grace. Would you like to feel like that in your biz?

Join me for a free 50 min foundation masterclass to understand how to combine systems, soul and strategy to get your biz ready to leverage your time and energy.

In this workshop we discuss the old way of doing business and the new paradigm of being in business and why understanding the differences and how to create your biz in this way really makes the difference to the success of your biz.

Join me in this workshop and I'll share systems, soul and strategy from:

+ my 14 year corporate strategy knowledge from my time as a Consultant, General Manager and Project Manager

+ mixed with my tried and tested wisdom from my soul work as a Yoga Nidra teacher and Intuitive Mentor

to provide you with the foundations for you to be ready to leverage your time and energy in your biz!

Course Contents

4 Texts
1.0 hr