Intuitive Types Masterclass: Spiritual

taught by Leah Kearns
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Leah Kearns
Leah Kearns
Metaphysical Business Architect & Consultant

About the Instructor

Leah helps conscious business founders to create their highest potential business through their easiest soul, strategy and system pathways.

It allows you to experience the freedoms you seek in your lives and assists you in your desire to pioneer with your communities, by helping you experience the same - conscious leaders, connecting with conscious leaders and creating conscious communities.

You want to know the why, what, how answers when it comes to your purpose and intuition and to have some affirmation that you’re on the right track.

Here's the truth - you can actually access these answers with even the smallest bit of knowing how to connect to the communication that you are already receiving. Everyone has intuition, it's just we have forgotten how to access it.

There are actually 3 main parts of our human body – Body, Mind and Spirit.

Think of the 5 Intuitive Types as the channels to connect to and hear these parts.

Body – Physical and Emotional

Mind – Mental and Psychological

Spirit– Spiritual

It’s like tuning in an old radio or tv. As you tune into the information, data or frequency of the intuitive channel it strengthens that channel.

As you strengthen one channel, you bring another “online”. This gives you a checking tool and makes it even easier to trust your intuition!

The Spiritual Intuitive Type

The Spiritual Intuitive Type allows you to understand the information coming through this channel that connects with, is translated as minds eye, colours, sounds information and effects your spirit and spiritual body as actions.

Course Contents

1 Video
2 Texts
1 Audio
1.0 hr